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Air Freight Logistics BPO

Our team will help you to handle and effectively maintain all the freight-related logistics BPO service of the airways.


Road Freight Logistics BPO

Eliminating the presence of any loopholes within the process of freight receivable processing or any BPO solution associated with road freight.


Airway Bill Processing

Dealing with all the small to large back-office bill processing activities of the air industry at an affordable cost.


Invoice Processing

Possessing an efficient team who will ensure to process each and every invoice in a streamlined and effectual manner.


Logistics Data Entry

Our professional team of data entry operators offers the precise, customized, and error-free logistics data entry solutions.


Ocean Bill of Lading

Well-specialized in offering the remarkable ocean bill of lading solutions to accomplish a corrected version of documents involved.


Ocean Freight Shipping BPO

Simplifying the challenges that hinder the process of ocean freight shipping BPO services, making the concept of transport hassle-free.


Freight Bill Payment Processing

To ensure that all the vital data associated with the freight bills are securely stored in the business database on-time.


Road Freight Bill of Lading

Identifying and correcting the bill errors within the road logistics sector and providing the reliable documentation service.

Work Flow

download file1

Download File

Easy download of files with help of high-speed internet data, followed by data distribution to the concerned team.



Storing the data in a well-secured and flexible format prescribed by the client and ensuring a flawless process of documentation

quality check3

Quality Check

Executing a quality check to avoid the presence of errors either manually or electronically within a short time.

upload file4

Upload File

A random check of the data is performed manually or electronically, followed by the quick upload of data into the client’s database.

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