Ocean Bill of Lading Services

Are you looking out for an aiding hand to ease your load of ocean transportation or shipping management? NexGen Logistics BPO is all set to help our globally settled distinguished clients with the provision of the exceptional ocean bill of lading services at an affordable price.

The processing of ‘ocean bill of lading’ is a complicated as well as a challenging process, which every firm tries to get rid of in their daily process. NexGen Logistics BPO has employed a team of skilled and professional staffs who ensure to deliver the customer-satisfied output within a shorter duration of time.

Work Flow - Ocean Bill of Lading


The document of the ocean bill of lading acts as a ‘Transferable Instrument’. It helps to deal with the numerous financial needs of receiving the payment for the consignment from the buyer to the shipper from the bank (where the money has already been deposited by the buyer or consignee). As the freight is paid initially, the ocean bill of lading gains the maximum prominence for checking the consistency and accuracy from all the aspects.

We perform the processing for the different types of ‘Ocean Bill of Lading’ such as:

  • • Straight bill of lading

  • • Shipper’s order bill of lading

  • • Clean bill of lading

  • • On Board bill of lading

The ‘Ocean Bill of Lading’ comprises of the consignments which are of a large volume in nature and thus, our team ensures to deliver the result free of errors. The document encircles the transactions between the companies of two different nations. The language, system, and the methods vary from one country to another. Our team undertakes the responsibility of correcting the details and checking upon the accuracy of the complete documents.

The various factors to be checked in under the ‘Ocean Bill of Lading’ includes:

  • • Checking the contents and comparing them with the actual invoice of the shipper for the varied unit numbers
  • • Total package weight
  • • Value of the shipment
  • • Package type
  • • Verifying the address of the consignee

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