Invoice Processing Services

NexGen Logistics is the globally well-established invoice processing service provider, rendering quality and consistent solutions, under the supervision of dedicated personnel.

Is your business firm facing the severe complications of managing the in-house invoice processing procedures?

Our professional team possesses proficiency in detecting and working on the errors stored in the invoice processing practice. We ensure in delivering the finest invoice processing solutions at a competitive price

We help your logistic business from being prey to unwanted errors, that are commonly occurred during an invoice processing phase.


Invoice processing service refers to the process of controlling the supplier invoice, from its receipt (when it has been updated in the ERP system).

Invoice has greater prominence in every business enterprise. Managing an invoice inaccurately can hinder the smoother functioning of business ranking as well as it can minimize the level of customer satisfaction.

Our major invoice processing services include:

  • • Validating the data for the correct value and code
  • • Complete logging of every transaction
  • • Creating the receipts of the e-invoices
  • • Extracting the crucial data from the line items or headers
  • • Comparing the purchase orders to the invoices
  • • Indexing of the necessary documents
  • • Auditing of the scanned invoices
  • • Deriving the scanned invoices from the clients
  • • Creating the inclusive reports

The Process of Invoice Processing at NexGen Logistics BPO

Step 1 – The invoices are obtained from the clients and they are successfully uploaded to the secured FTP. The invoices are verified to ensure that the information is accurate. The input format is accepted in any format including XML or email attachments.

Step 2 – Our processors check the invoices for exactness and perfection. The invoices are segregated based on their complexity and later on the invoices are analyzed and tested for completeness after considering the recommendations from the client.

Step 3 – After the verification process, the data is entered and processed into the client’s preferred format with the help of the latest software. The complete invoice processing is done in a systematized manner so as to deliver the output within the mentioned time.

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