Industries We Serve

In today’s global business scenario, logistics has become an essential element and has been contributing to the success of a majority of businesses across the world, especially in India. Most of the times, an organization fails to take days to finish off with the shipment process and thus, the delivery to the destination gets delayed.

In such instances, outsourcing the logistics BPO needs can enhance the shipment and transportation of goods process with an ease. If you are an organization which is dealing with the couriers or carriers, you should make sure that the products are transported in an efficient and timely manner.

Previously, it was a costly task and a challenging activity of managing the warehousing, transportation, and other back-office requirements of a logistics industry. And simultaneously, the global market has witnessed the expansion of outsourcing industry. As per a recent study, approximately 75% of the worldwide settled logistics firms have approached to experience the benefits of outsourcing.

Handling of all the administrative, back-office, and the documentation works of the all kinds of logistics industry is the major aim of NexGen Logistics BPO. Irrespective of the nature and size of a logistics firm, our team ensures the on-time and precise delivery of the required demands.

Below listed are the industries that require efficient logistics outsourcing process.
  • Roadways
    The team at NexGen Logistics BPO ensures to help the ‘roadway’ industries to successfully manage and deal with the documents that ensure a smoother shipment process. Most of the organizations hire the roadways to deal with an easy transportation of their shipping items. The prime services that we offer to the roadway industry include:
    • Road freight logistics BPO solutions
    • Road Freight Bill of Lading services
    • Entering the data from the various documents and preserving them in a specified format
    • Processing the various invoices that are related to the roadways
  • Ocean Shipping
    Most of the firms or the MNC’s who require their consignment shipped overseas or abroad through the water shipping, are supposed to acquire an accurate ocean freight BOL. The BOL (Bill of Lading) is a document which contains all the necessary information about the goods that needs to be shipped. Our major services offered in the ocean shipping industry includes:
    • Ocean freight shipping services
    • Ocean bill of lading
    • Entering and storing the crucial shipping data collected from the documents submitted
    • Processing of the invoices dealing with the ocean shipping
  • Airways
    The industry of airways is widely used by the majority of firms for their shipping process as it takes a less time for the transportation. The airway industry requires the back-support assistance in numerous areas and the services that generally require an outsourcing are as follows:
    • Air freight logistics BPO
    • Processing of the airway bill
    • Logistics data entry – Collecting the logistics related data from various formats submitted to the airway authorities and storing them in a specific format.
    • Processing of the numerous piled up invoices
  • Construction
    A proper and a systematized workflow is essential in every business sector. At NexGen Logistics BPO, we will help you to find out the various raw materials and equipment for delivery along with the flawless assistance related to the order management. We will ensure that the essential materials are transported safely and they are stored in a secured place. We also deal with the effective processing of invoices and enter the specific details in an organized format.
  • Food
    Our logistic support services will help you to combine the different loads and thus, ensure a quicker delivery of food products. Generally, the road freight logistics BPO services gain a prominence while assisting the food industry. We enter the details of the food products transported in a specific format and optimal quality.
  • Retail
    There has been a huge demand for outsourcing the logistics needs by the retail industry, so as to thrive the existing competition as well as to enhance the profitability. Our team ensures to minimize the stock by combining the storage facilities effectively. We deal with the bulk data pertaining to the logistics needs associated with the retail sector.
  • Hotels
    Most of the hotels outsource the logistics BPO requirements for the easy transport of various operating supplies, in order to maintain a perfect equipment management system. We support and manage the documents related to the transport of furniture or fixtures.
  • Healthcare
    We offer the hassle-free logistics BPO solutions to the medical and pharmaceutical sector, so as to transport the medical items on-time and thus save the money as well as lives. Few industries follow the stricter rules and regulations for transporting their products and medical industry is one among them. Keeping this in mind, our team offers the effective solutions with an adherence to these rules. With utmost care, we offer all the necessary support to the shipping procedures for blood transfusion, organ transplant, transfer of medicines, equipment, etc. Our team will enable you to maintain a control of the supply chain management from a product to the market.

Irrespective of the industry type, if you are looking for the various techniques or support solutions to make your shipment process faster and easier, feel free to communicate with us right away. Drop us an email at [email protected]