Road Freight Bill Of Lading Services

NexGen Logistics BPO is a globally established offshore service provider of road freight bill of lading services at an affordable price. Since the past years, our professional team has constantly processed a bulk of BOL’s along with the perfect streamlining of BOL data entry, thus, ultimately leading the smoother functioning of a logistics business.

At times, the logistics business fail to process the BOL documents efficiently and within time. If the bill of lading documents isn’t handled and processed with utmost care, it can have adverse effects on the efficiency of the supply chain.

It is of greater importance for every business to ship the goods in a timely manner. The bill of lading, commonly known as BOL, acts as a receipt for the consigned goods, a carriage contract, and a document displaying the title. Thus, the BOL is a critical document in the field of logistics.

Work Flow - Road Freight Bill of Lading


We ensure to maintain a frequent communication with our client so as to deliver a customer-satisfied result on time. While executing the road freight processing of BOL, we ensure to maintain the accuracy and preciseness of the result along with the comprehensive data security measures. We make the optimal utilization of the advanced and state-of-the-art technology to achieve the desired output.

Today, most of the firms use the electronic road freight BOL rather than the traditional ones. Hence, we help the organizations to create and generate online BOL’s, review, modify, and print them securely.

Simplified process of generating Road freight BOL

  • • Preparing the road freight BOL precisely and without any errors
  • • Highlighting and rechecking the bill errors
  • • Rectification of the errors
  • • Offering the relevant documentation
  • • Experienced road freight bill of lading service management who ensures to offer customized solutions

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