THE CLIENT: A leading business organization of the logistics sector in the US having numerous clients worldwide.


The logistics document processing method adopted by the client had been ineffective in providing them the desired results, affecting the organization’s entire productivity and efficiency. The issue led to the search for an able outsourcing partner who could deliver the desired results.


  • Precise data output
  • Significant cost reduction
  • Minimal turnarounds and data quality
  • Document volume scalability

The Client

A well-recognized and developed logistics organization in the US was finding it difficult to process their logistics bills and documents without errors and good turnarounds and in reducing their operational costs. The increasing volume of the documents also posed a reduced efficiency and productivity in the core aspects of their business.

The Challenge

Voluminous increase in logistics bills and documents by the moment with scarce processing time that affected the core competencies of the firm. The inconsistency in the processed data and significant error rates made the customer retention ratio to fall drastically.

The Solution

A thorough analysis of the client’s daily logistics data quantity and issues related to its in-house processing helped us to gain valuable information. We figured out an effective strategy on how the process has to be done without the previous hassles.

Our most experienced and professionally capable logistics personnel were put into a team dedicated entirely and exclusively to the client. We were able to surpass all the different hurdles for the client with our newly designed strategy in logistics bills and documents processing.

The Result

The project was effectively carried out by our firm by having a comprehensive understanding of the client’s requirements and specifications on how the output has to be. The client was updated about the progress of the processing without failure either on a periodic or alternative day schedules.

A methodology dedicated to the client’s project was developed before the commencement of the project. This helped in producing the desired outcomes the client required, where we were able to exceed their expectations.

The outcome was that the client experienced enhanced efficiency in their core business aspects while we delivered the outputs with 99.99% accuracy rates, and a near half reduction in their operational costs. We were able to increase the scalability of the project significantly to process the increasing volume of data by adding more resource and processing personnel for the project.

The client is extremely pleased with our dedicated project management, processing, quality packed and error-free output at cost-effective prices. The business relationship with the client has been going on for years now after the project and we are their top outsourcing partner.