Subject: Dealing with the bulk of airway bill processing

Who was our client?

A reputed logistics firm based in the UK.

What was the challenge?

The logistics firm (our client) was dealing with a bulk of airway bills, which further, required rapid and consistent processing. These faced the major challenge while entering these invoices into their ERP (enterprise resource planning) system due to the bulk volume. They had to process approximately 10000 airway bills per day.


The Remedy

We created a systematized workflow so as to integrate, index, and process the airway bills into an organized SAP inevitably.

  • Preparing the scanned copies of the airway bills
  • Extracting the details from the airways billing information
  • Processing and capturing the necessary data with 99.99% accuracy
  • Executed a detailed quality check to eliminate any errors
  • Delivering the digitized format of airways bills in a short time

The Final Output

  • There wasn’t any re-work suggested from the client’s end
  • On-time processing of each and every airway bill
  • No compromise made on the output quality
  • The bulk of airways bill processing was taken care with absolute perfection

Client Review

“Excellently delivered output! Highly impressed with their effort and dedication put forth. Hoping to team up with NexGen Logistics BPO soon” – Brayden Diego, the UK