Logistics Data Entry Services

NexGen Logistics BPO offers world-class solutions for your logistics data entry requirements within a profitable budget. Our team of proficient and accomplished data entry operators will put in their best effort to derive at excellence-oriented result.

Outsourcing the logistics data entry has become a conventional trend in the domestic and global business market.

The logistic business firms often face the challenges of accurately entering the data into the business database but we will aid you with complete assistance. With the accumulation of data in a logistic sector, a majority of the firms deal with the difficulty of managing them precisely. However, our logistic data entry services can be of a crucial significance for the hassle-free functioning of your business.


Performing the perfect logistics data entry in-house is a time-consuming and challenging process. Outsourcing the logistics data entry services to NexGen Logistics BPO will help your business to achieve a competitive edge by acquiring the top quality and highly reliable result.

Our logistics data entry service will help the logistics providers and the transportation firms to manage a bulk of data and essential documents efficiently and quickly.

Major Services under Logistics Data Entry offered by NexGen Logistics BPO:

  • • Freight bill data entry

  • • Generating invoice

  • • Freight bill processing

  • • Bill of lading verification and data entry

  • • Invoice processing

  • • Contract/rate management

  • • Driver log entry

  • • Purchase order entry

  • • Claim dispute settlement

  • • B3 form data entry for customs brokerage businesses

  • • Overcharge evaluation

At NexGen Logistics BPO, our team follows the systematized and professional steps to achieve the accurate logistics data entry results:

  • • Step 1 – Receiving the appropriate logistics data from our client, which requires to be entered into a specified format.

  • • Step 2 – Performing the data entry task with 100% accuracy and dedication at a reasonable price.

  • • Step 3 – Our expert team of quality analysis will ensure to check the quality of the result before the delivery. We ensure to deliver our clients with a free database of logistics.

  • • Step 4 – Once we finish the logistics data entry, we send the final record with a secured server to our clients.

Accelerate your business growth by outsourcing your logistics data entry services to our professional team. Contact us at [email protected]

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