Subject: Managing the road freight logistics BPO services

Who was our client?

A transportation business involved in trucking (road logistics)


We have been constantly witnessing a rise in the accumulation of paper-based logistic documents in the road transportation sector. The bulk of various invoices related to the business made it difficult for the employees or the truckers to retrieve specific information. And employing dedicated professionals to execute the road freight BPO can be expensive as well as time-consuming.


Our Remedy

NexGen Logistics BPO has a team of professionally well-experienced employees who possess greater expertise in handling and streamlining the challenge faced by our client.

  • We requested the truck drivers to send us the images of invoices through mobile phones.
  • Our team ensures to scan and digitize the data captured from the invoices, to store them securely.
  • We collect the invoices related to the shipping, manufacturer, and the third party.
  • Once we scan and digitize the invoice, we enter the details regarding the product type, nature, etc. into their respective ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.
  • We also digitize the confirmation of these receipts sent in by the truckers.
  • The complete supply chain process involved in logistics also includes various other billing processes. Our team also ensured to collect the required data from these bills, to ease the non-core activity of our client.

The Final Output

We successfully digitized and processed the different invoices involved in their road freight process. Without any fail and errors, we entered the data captured from the various invoices (shipping, manufacturer, and the third party) into their corresponding ERP system. It helped them to retrieve the needed information and data from the ERP system without any hassles and it has enhanced the process of functional activities.

Client Review

“We were highly impressed by the well-organized and excellent invoice billing process of our road freight BPO requirements. It made our process of essential data retrieval quick and instant.”